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Green Moving Company

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Green Movers, Student Movers, Inc. prides itself in the way we take care of our customers and our environment. We are a green moving company.


Being a green moving company, we have always taken steps to minimize our footprint in this world such as recycling all paper products, reusing all boxes by selling used and new and then recycling the ones that have no more use, having low emission LP powered forklifts, emailing estimates and billing invoices instead of paper mailings and recycling vehicle fluids. We have separate containers placed all over our warehouse, so that every employee can do their part in helping the environment.


If the environment is important to you, think green and choose your local green movers to assist you with your move. Save the Earth! Choose green moving.

At Student Movers, a green mover, every employee is trained to recycle everything possible, and use materials to the last. Being a green mover makes us proud.

Our rule of thumb is: “If it has the symbol, it recycles. If it tears, it recycles.” Student Movers, your green movers!


Student Movers now offers recycling of electronics, TV's, computers, Servers and much more. Call us today to see if we can help you with your recycling needs.


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