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Moving Tips & Hints
Moving Tips & Hints

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Moving Tips, Moving Hints and help with your Moving needs


In the interest of saving you money, this list of moving tips and hints has proven extremely helpful in reducing the amount of time and frustration spent on your moving day. At Student Movers, we want to help you to make the right choice when your chose a moving company to handle your move. The Moving Tips, Moving Hints and help with your moving needs below has proven to be very helpful to answering our customers moving questions. We hope that these tips will also help you. We are open to your suggestions on how we can improve our help page!

"Thank you so much for the moving tips, they were very helpful in answering our questions about moving"

- Sarah and Paul 

Moving Hints:


  1. Whenever possible, move your own pictures, plants, lamps and stereo components.
  2. Unhook appliances, wind up electrical cords and secure hoses.
  3. Unhook head and foot boards on beds and put the hardware in a place where you can find it.
  4. Take lampshades off lamps you want us to move.
  5. Take mirrors off backs of chests and dressers.
  6. Drain excess water from large plants or planters.
  7. Remove shelves from bookcases, put them along side the piece and put the shelf pins in an envelope.
  8. Pack boxes properly – Make sure they have tops and are sealed. Remember – we are not responsible for the contents of cartons that we don’t pack.
  9. Label boxes correctly according to where they are going and how fragile they are.
  10. You and your friends are welcome to bring items out to the truck and to take them from the ground once we get those items off the truck. We are not allowed to have you on the truck.
  11. Have someone who knows where the items are going to stand by and direct the movers at all times.
  12. If you have access to a pick-up truck or station wagon, you can transport garden tools, lawn mowers, bikes, skis, etc. in the back without hurting them – where as we must pack them in next to the furniture. That takes a bit more time.
  13. Clean out desks and night stands These items almost always get turned on their sides in transport. Consider dressers — If they are very heavy, or very delicate, or if they come up or down stairs with turns in them, clean out at least some of the drawers. An extra 10 – 15 boxes will not add a substantial amount of time to the move.
  14. A Child’s chest, or one that is not heavy, will not have to be emptied.
  15. Secure all small and “loseable” items such as jewelry, coins, papers, etc. Put your keys, remote controls and checkbook where you can find them. Try to account for the loose items before the movers arrive.
  16. In general, be prepared. Strive for a situation in which the movers walk in, pick up a piece and walk out. The less time they spend using their tools, the faster the move will go. The more you do to organize your move, the less it will cost, and the easier it will be to get settled in your new home.

Student Movers is insured, bonded and licensed. All employees are full time — no temporaries. This assures your company that the job will be done competently and efficiently — on time and within budget. We offer affordable insurance rates for your peace of mind. We were ranked by The Denver Business Journal’s Top 25 List for largest area commercial movers. Student Movers uses the latest in equipment technology to complete office moves. In the event items are damaged we do have a full time repair staff which in most cases can fix items on site.

Questions and Answers


Q: “I’m working out-of-town and can’t be home again before moving day. Will Student Movers pack my belongings?”

A: Absolutely. Our professional packers will carefully box your belongings and place the appropriate plastic coverings on your furniture in preparation for moving day. Ask our estimators to include this service when you call.

Q: “If Student Movers is the largest local mover in Denver, why can’t it move me as cheaply as the smaller companies?”

A: Not all our competitors take the same precautions to assure your valuable items will safely reach their ultimate destination. For example, many of the small local companies rely on temporary workers who aren't really movers. What if they get hurt on the job? What if items turn up missing? What if the truck doesn't show up on moving day or breaks down because of poor maintenance? Student Movers takes pride in its reliability and professional work. It costs a little more…but isn't it worth it?

Q: “I’m moving from Colorado to another state, can Student Movers help me?”

A: Rest assured that Student Movers can pack your belongings and prepare them for an interstate carrier to take to your new home. We deal with a wide verity of interstate moving companies and can pass our savings on to you.

Q: “I have a small business and we are moving into a larger facility, can Student Movers handle our move?”

A: Of course no matter the size of the company or residence Student Movers staff can assist you getting the job done quickly, economically and hassle free.


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